I’ve been struggling for years with the notion of giving up my steady day job. I often tell people to do what they LOVE, otherwise they will work for the rest of their lives.  Sometimes its hard to hear our own advice, however!

Sometimes inspiration comes in strange forms and affirmations come from unusual places. This weekend it came in an email from drum circle facilitator Jim Greiner. I thought it to be advice worth sharing.

(Regarding) the importance of both "following your heart" (as mythologist Joseph Campbell put it, "Follow your bliss.") and "sharing your spirit"....
I long ago had the enormous "Aha!" realization that not only could I live my life on my own terms by being true to my own 
nature... but that I absolutely HAD to! Life is a blessing; I felt that the best way to celebrate the blessing that is life, is to live 
it with passion and purpose... to engage in it completely.

Of course, this is easy to say... the challenging part can be in living in this way on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis! The bills have to be paid, our responsibilities to our families are a sacred trust between us that are not to be taken lightly, obstacles have to be met and dealt with every day. How do we live our passions when things get tough?

Rhythms, of course! We create ongoing rhythms... patterns of thought and action... that help us get to where we WANT to be. And, we try to eliminate rhythms that KEEP us from being where we want to be.

Create a plan that serves your purpose... then persevere! Keep on keeping on! Modify it when appropriate to take advantage of opportunities that arise because you've set yourself on your path, but be sure to review and renew your plan... and your purpose... regularly... rhythmically

And... make it more than just about ourselves. I long ago realized that, as a musician (and as a community drumming facilitator, and as a man and as a human being), my role was to serve my community through music (first my town, then my region then wherever my travels took me). This was the gift, and the passion and the purpose... the blessing... that life had given me... I was NOT going to waste it, or diminish it, by holding back from engaging in life completely. And please remember that we call it PLAYING music for a reason... don't forget to have fun with this blessing that is life!

And... "we get by with a little help from our friends" (thanks Beatles!). Share not only your passion, your purpose and your spirit... but create a community of people (like this list) with whom you can also share your fears and frustrations... your questions and your answers.

I just got back from two days of corporate gigs for an organization that realized (as many of my clients are) that now is NOT the time to pull back in fear and wait until something good happens. Now is the time to MAKE good things happen.

Blessings My Friends!


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