“Oh, Man... Wait ‘til I tell my Mom I want to quit piano and start taking DRUM lessons!”

Last night Annelies and I conducted a program for the Douglas Elementary Arts Night. We led three 25-minute sessions for students, parents, and faculty in the school’s media center. I estimate we drummed with more than 100 people on a cold, rainy night when most folks would rather be home warm, safe and dry. But a funny thing happens when you drum. You become totally present in the moment. Nothing else occupies your mind. Worries fade away. Each drum beat fans a flame somewhere deep down. The excitement is contagious. Kids in particular are affected. They have an outlet for that youthful energy, a constructive means of expressing their creativity, and an educational opportunity that promotes a cross-curricular platform that includes music, language arts, science, math, and social studies. AND IT’S HUGE FUN! What could be cooler than that??? Oh, yeah - doing it at YOUR kids’ schools so that you get to be the hero for bringing in such a great activity that not only lights their little fires, but that also meets national education standards. Wouldn’t you, too, like to be the hero? I thought so.

Give me a call to talk about how we can make this happen for your students, too.

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