People Like Weird

I hit a personal MILESTONE this week.  I posted a video on Facebook.  900 views in four days. That's an interesting commentary on my commentary, don't you think?  Why do you suppose so many people were so interested in what I had to say?

Here's my theory: people think artists are interesting and weird.  And people like weird!  In fact, people want to be more weird, but they're afraid, so they look to artists for a bit of weirdness. 

At its origin, WEIRD was spelled "WYRD".  It related to fate and destiny, to becoming the thing you were destined for.  Artists are a bit more accomplished at getting toward that true, authentic self.  People want that, too. 

As artists, you actually inspire people to be both weird and wyrd!  People want to feel closer to that genuine spirit.  They want to get to know you.  People who know and like you are more likely to support your work. So then, as a creative it makes a bit of business sense to be publicly weird AND wyrd....

Let people in on your how and why. They'll pay attention. 900 views tells me this is true.

Witness the weirdness HERE.