THANK YOU for your interest in booking an interactive rhythm event with Drum for Change!  This will be a great day for everyone involved.  Here's what you need to know to make this a successful occasion....

First, choose a date and time for your event.  Send me an email that includes the following:  your name, organization, and contact information, date and time that you'd like to book, location for your event, and the number of participants you expect.  This will allow us to get the drum rolling, pinpoint additional details, and determine pricing.  Normally I will email you within 24 hours to confirm receipt of your request.  As we finalize, I will email you an invoice.

To hold your date, I require a 50% deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable but are fully transferable should you need to reschedule with reasonable notice.  Once I have received your check by mail or credit card by phone, I will reserve your date on my calendar.  The balance is due on the date of your event.


Choose a location for your program that allows plenty of time for set up.  Whenever possible, please allow an hour before the event starts and an hour after to make sure we have time to load in and repack the drums.  Ideal spaces are carpeted to help absorb the sound.  Super-sized rooms with hard surfaces (like gymnasiums) are least preferred but still do-able.  Weather permitting, outside is okay as long as the space is flat and the ground is dry.

In the space you choose you will need to have chairs WITHOUT arms for everyone.  See below for a picture of just how they need to be set up for a large group.  For groups of thirty or less, one large circle is fine, but larger groups need to be arranged in two or more concentric circles.  In this configuration, the center circle space only needs to be ten feet across.  Please pass this information and the picture to the person at your facility who is in charge of setting up this sort of thing.  I'll make any necessary adjustments when I arrive.  

Bigger is Better:  Make sure the space you choose has enough room to set up the circle and to maneuver in, through, and around it. Sometimes we have so much fun we even want to get up and dance.  Having elbow room is so much better than having everyone crammed in to a small space!

Choose a location away from any quiet classes or offices.  Remember, we'll be conducting a lively event!  The room will be filled with amazing sound.  Although our music is not electronically amplified, we'll generate a lot of decibels.  This is a totally facilitated activity so it won't just be noise.  Even so, EVERY person will have a real percussion instrument capable of really high volume.  

Please arrange to have a power cord and electricity available.  For larger groups, I bring a sound system in order to project my voice over the instruments.

Dressing for the occasion:  Participants should NOT wear skirts/dresses on the day of your drum circle because they will be holding a drum between their knees.  No jewelry is permitted on the hands;  rings, watches and bracelets should be removed if at all possible in order to avoid damage to your belongings and to my very valuable goat-skinned drums.

For multi-session events like a full day of drumming at festivals or schools, segments will last 30 to 45 minutes.  Please allow 10 minutes between them for participants to rotate and so that I get a bit of recuperation time;  drumming is very physical!   I will need the day's itinerary once you have a final schedule. No hurry but a week prior to your drumming event is great. 

Please consider how I can get my vehicle filled with drums to the nearest door to the drum circle.  Hopefully you'll be able to reserve parking there.  There is a lot of equipment to load in for your event;  assistance in loading and unloading is greatly appreciated.  

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  If you are local and feel you need to arrange a site visit first, that's no problem.  Let me know and we'll get it calendared.

Please know that I welcome photography.  Happy people drumming make great photos!   I very much look forward to drumming with you!