The epitome of "less talk and more action", D4C tailors somatic sessions to take us out of our heads and into our bodies.  We're going beyond cognitive approaches into deeper understanding through experiential learning.  We want to bring the message alive rather than simply lecture.  Because another boring powerpoint simply doesn't cut it anymore....  $2500+

Group drumming is a great metaphor for communication, cooperation, and collaboration.  In the village metaphor, every employee has an equally important contribution to make to the success of your organization.  Drumming together levels the playing field, removes top-down communication patterns, and allows employees to interact in a a whole new way that creates bonding through shared experiences that are connective rather than competitive.  AND it's not just for fun:  workplace programs create a culture that fosters inclusion, reduces stress, boosts morale, and cuts costs through reduced presenteeism and turnover.  Rhythm Events are tailored to suit your business and it’s challenges.  In a boardroom or on retreat:  ten minute energizers to three hour team-building programs.  $500+

Remo's HealthRHYTHMS Division is on the forefront of establishing a solid foundation for proving the biological benefits of drumming.  Neurologist Barry Bittman, M.D. developed this protocol clinically proven to improve health and wellness for participants.  The program is applicable in many venues to include schools, hospitals, senior centers, corrections facilities, and therapeutic environments.  Proven to reduce employee burnout and turnover.  Excellent for stress reduction, fostering inclusion, and combating isolation.  Great for clinical settings and support groups.  $300+, discounts for recurring programs.

D4C offers educational and interactive programs for schools, churches, and camps.  These might include cultural education, musical demonstrations, hands-on experiential learning or combinations of each.  Teachers and students take a journey to explore different cultures, music, and instruments from around the planet.  You and your kids will enjoy both listening to and playing rhythms using ethnically diverse percussive instruments, found-sound or student-made instruments, and body percussion.  The programming combines music with social studies, language arts, movement, and math, and it's designed to support classroom teachers in integrating music and culture to align with state and national education standards.  Classroom residencies, international festivals, and assemblies are great ways to share this experience.  $300+, discounts for recurring programs.

Rhythm makes special events truly unique.  Activities can be tailored to suit your organization, school, or community.  Worship services, diversity workshops, non-profit fundraising, international fairs, arts festivals, family reunions and grief camps are some examples.  Traditionally-inspired percussion performances can spice things up!  This might include live drumming for movement classes like yoga or dance, educational concerts, or drum petting zoos for festivals.  Performances are great to liven things up and work well in venues ranging from coffee shops to senior centers.  Prices vary.

  • pricing variables include location, duration, and number of participants
  • additional charges may apply for travel, lodging, per diem, etc. 

D4C also offers special incentives to support charitable programs for worthy causes.
Contact us to discuss the possibilities.