Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  Here we say it a bit differently.  Share a bit of applied philosophy with this 5-inch vinyl decal.  In a world gone mad, BEAT THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE by creating harmony and connection through drumming.

Get Greg's small djembe drums from Ghana.  $185 delivered.  Clicking the button above takes you to a new page for our Square store.

This 30 page guide explains the Drum for Change Elements of Rhythm framework that helps you lead healing circles that activate the ancient traditions of drumming, storytelling, and medicine wheels.  Based in Greg's graduate work at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, learn to apply timeless principles that benefit modern society by helping people live, work, and play well together.  Order online at our Square store.  Get this digital download for only $9.

Wear a daily reminder to stay connect with a life in rhythm and harmony with all around you.  Made from real drum rope from real drums!  Click the link to open a new window in our Square store.  $10 includes delivery via USPS.

A compilation of 65 hand drum notations collected over fifteen years of lessons, research, and travel. Rhythms are standardized in Time Unit Box System (TUBS), a common notation method for folkloric drum patterns. These rhythms are the core of Greg's group drumming lessons and are a great way to visualize and retain complex, interlocking polyrhythmic patterns.  Available as a PDF file by email for $10.

An on-going cohort of women interested in group drumming.  Class meets from 7-8pm on Tuesdays in West Raleigh.  $60/four-week session.  Click the button above for additional details on our Smore flyer.